Making friends over good food, wine and conversation!


Photo credit: Taken at The Fetch London Dinner, courtesy of Kate Kendall.

I attend a lot of events. In London there are usually two – three events, workshops and launches going on each night. If you wanted to, you could spend your entire week at a different event each night, Monday through to Sunday.

I love meeting new people, hearing about their ideas, and what makes them tick. However at busy events, sometimes these interactions can become fleeting moments. Recently I have been attending dinners which allows for deeper discussions, usually moderated by the organiser or a community member and wanted to share a few of my favourites with you.

1. The Fetch Dinner Conversations

Recently I stepped back from my role as the London curator for The Fetch, and passed the baton to Louise Potter. However, not before the inaugural The Fetch London Dinner Conversation happened, to celebrate The Fetch’s founder and CEO, Kate Kendall’s brief return and to meet other members of the community. The theme was based around the state of global startups, and the evening included an informal discussion over dinner. I’m obviously going to keep my eye out on the next one!

2. 9Others

I love the concept of 9Others dinners, and although I’ve only attending a couple, I’ve enjoyed the dinners organised by Matt Stafford and Katie Lewis. The format involves introducing your ‘problem of the week’ and everyone around the table discusses how these challenges can be solved. After the dinner, contact details are shared as well as detailed notes – which is really helpful!

3. TableCrowd Startup Engine Dinner

TableCrowd is run by, Kate Jackson, and I was lucky enough to be invited to their recent Women in Tech Dinner which included a mix of women working in technology sector plus invited guests from the media. It was a great mix of attendees and format for the evening.  Apart from hosting your own dinner via TableCrowd, Kate also organises regular Startup Engine dinners usually including an invited guest and other TableCrowd members.

4. Ladies in Tech London

Co-Organisers Courtney Boyd Myers and Amanda Foley have kickstarted a new group called Ladies in Tech London and are hosting their first lunch on Sunday 22 September 2013. It’s worth checking out and meeting other ladies for tech talk and everything in between.

5. The Hub Supper Club

Organised by freelance journalist, Rachel Hills, The Hub Supper Club is a new bi-monthly extravaganza of good food and meaningful networking. Take a peek!

6. Ben Southworth’s Supper Club For Stressed Startup Souls

If the description below is anything to go by, Ben’s event sounds great! I’m definitely interested in hearing about the next one…

So, there’s loads of stuff for “People interested in Startups” ( I know because I helped set em up) and loads for “People who may have a startup/idea/no clue”. (I know because I go to them/set them up). But, there’s very few for “I am a funded startup, with investors, employees and stress”, so why don’t we set up a night that helps everyone by talking about the pressures, problems and solutions of being a CEO over a glass of something?

In permanent beta: PublicBeta Dinners 

Also, as I have just joined PublicBeta I’ll be organising upcoming dinners for founders, entrepreneurs and investors in the near future.

As I am yet to organise these dinners, I wanted to throw it out to my followers and find out what their expectations would be of such an event plus what price they would be willing to pay? I had £35 + VAT per person price point which would include two or three course meal plus half a bottle of house wine. What do you all think, too much or too little? I would love to know in the poll below. I’m also interested in any ideas around the format…

Are there any regular networking dinners that you attend with a startup/founder/tech focus? I would love to add them to my list! Please let me know in the comments below or tweet me @ThatGirl_Chloe.

Two more additions 

Wok + Wine  40 people, 40 pounds of jumbo shrimp and 40 bottles of delicious wine!

Design & Wine 8 people round a table, 90 minutes of design discussion, 3 glasses of great wine (added by @lewisflude )

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