Listen to London’s Hottest Tech Podcasts!

Recently I’ve noticed that podcasts are getting ‘cool’ again and few of London’s tech movers and shakers have kickstarted their own online shows inviting founders and startup folk to share their stories.  So I thought I would round up my favourites and post their most recent interviews. In no particular order:

1. SiliconReal

Silicon Real is the video podcast dedicated to the people of the London technology startup scene. Hosted by Brian Rose & Colin Pyle, guests have included Gary Jackson Founder of Hailo, Jon Bradford of TechStars, Roxanne Varza from Microsoft Paris and Jeff Lynn of Seedrs. Hear about new episodes here and send your feedback via @SiliconReal

2. Founder Magazine

Andy Hart interviews founders from awesome businesses and startups. Specifically, they ‘salute the ones who ship!’ They even operate a Jiu-Jitsu belt grading system for those who are invited onto the show. Are you a White belt or Blue belt? You can find out here 🙂 Listen to a recent interview with Deepak Tailor from (Purple Belt) below. Find out more via @FounderUK

3. The Art of Biz

The Art of Biz podcast explores the intersection between business, people and technology in the UK. Hosts, Matt Stafford and Nick Levine, invite a variety guests onto their show, including Stefano Marrone of Nucco Brain and they talk about events and best practice for networking, recruitment and creating opportunities through changes in regulation. Follow along via @artofbizpodcast

4. The Shedcast

Hear all the latest news from Makeshift via their very own podcast studio called The Shedscaper! The first episode, featured Stef Lewandowski, Co-Founder of Makeshift, interviewed by @CBM. They have even been so kind to offer the podcasting studio to other startups who want to try producing their own show & content. If you are interested, hit them up on twitter @shedscaper.

5. Philip’s Polymathic Podcart

Hosted by Philip Su, the site director of the Facebook engineering office in London, ‘Philip’s Polymathic Podcart’ is dedicated to software engineers on design, careers and life. Philip moved from the US to London last year, and has interviewed Laurence Holloway, CTO and cofounder of Lovestruck and has even captured Slawek Biel, an engineer in the Facebook London office who was brave enough to demo the Hövding, an auto-inflating bicycle helmet that deploys only when needed, much like an airbag. Watch the fun below!

Listen to Philip’s advice on how to be a great mentor here!

I’m curious to know, are there any London tech podcasts missing from my list? Send me a note in the comments section below or via @ThatGirl_Chloe


  1. Thanks for mentioning the Polymathic Podcart, Chloe! Just a minor tweak: Slawek Biel is an engineer in the Facebook London office who was brave enough to demo the Hovding… but wasn’t / isn’t otherwise related to the Hovding company.

    Hopefully we’ll see a few other podcasts added to the list you started for London! Thanks again.

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