Lunchtime learning? 10 video resources to get inspired & learn something new!

Need a break from emails, reports and spreadsheets over lunchtime? I believe it’s important to ‘switch off’ from work, stretch your legs and step away from your desk. When I’m taking a break (and eating lunch), I like to watch a video, perhaps learn something new or be inspired. If you do too, then check out my curated list of video resources to get you learning over lunchtime.

This isn’t a complete list – and I’ll be adding new finds, but here are a few of my recommendations for lunchtime learning.


1. Google Ventures Library

Google Ventures have released a great resource for startups and founders, including interviews, case studies and How-To tutorials.

2. How to Start a Startup

Last year, Sam Altman, from YCombinator, partnered with Stanford University to share ‘everything we know about how to start a startup, for free, from some of the world experts.’ Lectures include  Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal & Investor, on Competition is For Losers,  Aaron Levie, Founder of Box, Building for the Enterprise and Reid Hoffman, Partner, Greylock Ventures and Founder, LinkedIn on How To Be A Great Founder. Bookmark and watch this series now!

3. What’s it like to work at…

Have you often wondered what it’s like to work at a high-growth startup? This series features ‘interviews with engineers, entrepreneurs and leaders in different high-tech companies such as Facebook, Factual, AirBnb, Twitter, Google, Microsoft and Palantir.’

4. Silicon Reel

I’ve mentioned Silicon Reel before, who also produce a great podcast. This is the vodcast version of interviews with London tech entrepreneurs, investors and influencers. You can watch highlights and full interviews on the website.

5. The Day Before Tomorrow

With technology rapidly changing, what does the future hold? The Drum Studios takes a look at ‘the technology that’s changing the world today. And about how different areas of business are dealing with it.’ Each episode focuses on a different area of innovation including health, education, entertainment, retail, finance and smart cities.

6. Hot Topics

Hot Topics brings together senior executives and industry influencers, to share the experiences of the world’s tech leaders and inspire the next generation. The channel is part of the 360 Leaders group, which ‘is transforming the global tech industry through a community approach that combines executive search, development, investing and media.’

7. LaunchPress

LaunchPress is ‘the first interactive mobile app dedicated to help people navigate their way through the London tech scene.’ The online channel features interviews with founders and entrepreneurs based in London.

8. Creative Mornings

CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community. On their YouTube, you can watch ‘our entire archive of talks from founders, makers, photographers, designers, and artists around the world.’

9. giffgaff Happenings

giffgaff Happenings also focuses on the creative community and shares key learnings from TV producers, designers, illustrators and musicians.

10. How It Started

How It Started is an online resource which features ‘stories of how people turned their visions into reality.’ Perfect for some lunchtime inspiration!

Share your favourites in the comment section below, and I’ll them check them out! (TIP: I’ve been using Dragdis as my favourite drag’n’drop bookmarking tool).